Street security at home

The main goal is to prevent vandalism and / or attack, to enable the security services and people inside the house to react more adequately.

The perimeter security market offers vibration, capacitive, infrared, barrier-beam systems. When choosing and designing such a system, many factors must be taken into account — the type of fence, topography and terrain, the possibility of separating the right-of-way, the presence of vegetation, the proximity of railways, overpasses and highways, the presence of power lines. Along with these complexities, the prices of such systems make customers seriously think about the need to install them. Our experience and communication with security organizations showed the following:

1. Barrier-ray system — noticeable (easily sabotaged), difficult to mount, capricious (birds, snow, heavy rain). Statistics for 10 years — works, requires maintenance.

2. Capacitive — installed at all GAZPROM facilities, at the top of the fence. Barbed wire, sabotage, expensive installation. Statistics for 10 years — works, but is buggy.

3. Sonars (based on the Doppler effect, analogue of parking sensors), small range -> complexity of installation. They do not like gusts of wind. Statistics for 10 years — no data.

4. Curtain — detect only at a distance of 20 cm from the wall of the house -> vulnerable, you can walk around the object, the complexity of installation. Statistics for 10 years — no data.

5. Underground — laying of fences at the stage of construction. Requires an exclusion zone. Statistics for 10 years is working.

6. Ajax system — a new format for street security. We support new directions in every possible way, but we see a number of points about which we cannot remain silent:

— an outdoor motion sensor is hung at a height of 1 m from the ground. How to deal with high snow and / or elevation differences in the terrain is not clear;

— its cost is 200$. — now the sensor itself requires protection from especially hungry;

— it can be easily broken, partially blocked, for example, by a machine, reducing the coverage of the protected area.

— there is a risk of jamming the sensor by radio frequency. 95% of our clients build houses close to the fence. A corrugated board fence is heated in the sun, neighbors walk behind a picket fence and all this leads to false alarms.

Statistics for 10 years does not exist.


The installation of street guards is complicated:

— building design;

— the presence of pets;

— cars, swings and, most importantly, high vegetation;

And if all the stages have been passed and the object has already been in operation for 5 years and there are no special complaints, we can talk about the most important thing — this is no longer a property protection service (usually it is in the dachas that it will soon go to the dump), but the protection of people. It’s a common story when it’s scary to leave a wife and children in a country house. We — Security Agency REKS-PROTECTION represented by dispatchers, security guards, technicians, our clients, we see that all this is done for our women and their psychological peace. Our goal is to give peace of mind, there is a very fine line here — false positives infuriate everyone and refuse to provide security services. If the client refuses to guard, no doubt, battery-powered wireless systems win, they are easier to dismantle :).

In general, the task of protecting a lively street all year round deserves respect. Hats off to the development team of НПФ «Полисервис» (St.Peterburg), Ajax (UA) and others.

Features of our PS6XX system in the field of home security

We propose to guard the local area 4-5 meters from the wall of the building and place security equipment mainly over windows, doors and walk-through areas. The height of the equipment is discussed on a case-by-case basis. The calculation of the amount of required equipment is carried out by the specialists of our organization based on the wishes of the client: coverage areas, parking places and landscape. Thus, the possibilities for protection are as flexible as possible. From the focal placement to the overlap of the entire client area. In the future, if the client wishes, it is possible to expand the area of ​​the protected area.






— Must be used in conjunction with video surveillance;

— Do not put a swing next to the house (up to 2 m) and do not plant tall vegetation

When communicating with our American colleagues from California in the field of security, the installation of video cameras with 'motion detection' (body recognition) and automatic light switching was proposed. We proceed from the fact that the street is an aggressive, dynamic environment in terms of temperatures, here everything burns out in the sun, not only birds fly, snow and rain are pouring down from the sky. Draw conclusions gentlemen. As for the cameras, there are a number of points:

1. The work of security is mainly relevant in the dark, video analytics of recognition in Ch.B. the mode works worse, snow, rain, dust and cobwebs literally blind the camera with its own IR illumination;

2. The camera can be blinded remotely with a flashlight, and it does not matter whether the blinding detection system is activated or not. in the second case, remote sabotage is possible;

3. When the light is turned off, keeping the video system on backup power for more than 2 hours is not practiced (expensive); Nevertheless, the inclusion of light, when movement is detected around the house, according to their recommendation, we introduced into operation 5 years ago.

Flash siren and / or polite perimeter lighting


— Overheat protection.

— Light power can be from 20 — 100 W. (4000 -6000K) cold or warm color.

— When movement is detected in the «Disarmed» mode in the dark, the «polite» backlighting of the house turns on.

— When motion is detected in the «Guard» mode at night, it switches to strobe mode, which leads to:

1. Disorientation in the space of ill-wishers;

2. CCTV cameras switch to color mode;

3. Light signaling at night is a guarantee of good relations with neighbors, and in some places — the operation of a street siren at night is an article of an administrative offense.

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PS6XX System – Universal Monitoring and Facility Management System