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The company LLC PS-300  was founded in 2006. In the market of security services in the Perm region for more than 20 years, they occupied a niche in security systems for long-range data transmission via CDMA-450, where 95% of telephone signals passed in 3 seconds, i.e. were not recorded by the billing system.

Development of the PS6XX system.

Background (Development History):

2006—2011 — installation of security consoles of the PS6XX system in security companies of the city of Perm based on the CDMA-450 communication system

2012 — purchase of the private security company «REKS-OXRANA»

2013 — installation of a security console based on the CDMA-450 + GSM communication system in Temirtau (Kazakhstan)

2014 — launch of the outdoor (house adjoining) security system for cottages

2015 — release of its own application on Android

2016 — release of its own application on IOS

2017 — began to work via WiFI, 3G networks

2018 — the application introduced management functions: home heating, temperature control, air quality, energy metering (water, electricity, gas), IP monitoring of IP cameras and IP intercom

2019 — Appear a new service — tracking system for transport security.

2020 — cloud based PS6XX system, organization of remote control rooms.

2021 — work via LTE networks

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PS6XX System – Universal Monitoring and Facility Management System