The head of «MegaFon» called the timing of the degradation of the quality of 4G networks

If operators are not allocated new frequencies, the quality of communication in existing networks will deteriorate in less than ten years. Other operators say the term is two to three years.

If a normal 5G standard does not appear in our metropolitan areas for some meaningful time, then the quality of the usual mobile user experience will begin to degrade.

The population density in agglomerations is increasing, the volume of data consumption is growing by about 40-50% per year, content units are becoming more difficult: video, applications. “The standard can support a certain population density with a certain traffic volume. Mobile operators are forced to increase the number of base stations in order to reduce the coverage area of ​​each and achieve acceptable quality on it. It works for a while, then it becomes ineffective, ”the head of MegaFon pointed out, explaining that it is too expensive and difficult from a technical point of view.

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