Oxygen alarm

The oxygen alarm has been activated. Based on international studies of the spread of coronavirus, the data of which were published in the medical journal «THE LANCET» on 15.04.21. 3 ways of spreading coronavirus have been identified. It turned out that the most important and most important way of transmission of infection is practically not associated with washing hands and wearing masks, but there are simple, affordable and effective preventive actions. To prevent and prevent the spread of coronavirus by aerosol, it is necessary to maintain fresh air in the premises.

We propose to detect an increase in the thresholds of carbon dioxide CO2 PPM exhaled by each person and to control the inclusion of supply ventilation as needed. CO2 sensors for our PS6XX system are calibrated according to the readings of the GMW90 VAISALA device certified in Russia


This is a modern way to identify large crowds and / or poorly ventilated areas. The CO2 PPM level warning and alarm thresholds are set by the responsible person or the security dispatcher via the mobile application.

According to the terms of the agreement, it is possible for the RRB to arrive to disperse the people. We understand that this sounds crazy, but for the protection and prevention of coronavirus infection, this is already a necessity.

With good fresh air readings, we are more active and productive. The scourge of today is burnout at work, it is necessary to fight for the resource state of people.

Installation tips: the notification can be used in parallel with the Fire Alarm notification system, where you need to add an additional sound track about the need to ventilate the room.

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